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Lovely Dreamer

Beautiful Nightmare book 1

Publication date September 26, 2023

Originally published October 5, 2021, on Literotica.

There's a monster living in my house.

I can't see it, but I hear it. Creeping around at night, shuffling through my things, and digging through my trash. It fixes the leaks in my roof, snuffs out the candles it doesn't like, and only occasionally growls at me from under the bed. 

But then the dreams start... and they're a little too real. The Monster is doing things to me. And I don't know if I like it or not. 

And then I learn what it is.

Noćnamora. Dream Walker. Nightmare.

I live in the house of The King of Nightmares... and he wants me as his pet.

This story contains nonconsensual sexual scenes from more than one party. 

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