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Freedom in chains teaser cover silver.jpg

Cover coming soon!

in Chains

Part of the AnchorX Series

Publication date TBA.

Molly shows up for a job interview, only to realize she's landed in the dungeon of an experienced Dominatrix. She leaves confused and oldy aroused, and embarks on a strange, erotic, confusing journey of self-discovery, submission, and love. 

Trigger warnings:

FMC questioning and working through understanding her sexuality. Other content includes humiliation, degradation, intimidation, light to medium impact, use of toys, oral and anal sex, primal play, needle play, permanent body modification, and multiple long-term partners without cheating  (that’s right, we’re going “why choose” with this one, but it is not RH or Ménage). It also has mention of past trauma for some of the characters, including nonconsent and trafficking. 

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