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The Goddess: Prologue

Updated: Mar 28, 2023

The Birth of a Goddess

It was a routine Wednesday night. After a long day at work, the men wanted to play with their toys… and us toys were more than willing.

I watched the Dominants whispering to each other, discussing their plans for us. Reuben nodded at Jeff’s quiet whispers, and Jez stood by with a huge grin on her face and a twinkle in her eye, vibrating with excitement.

Beside me, Sanaii shivered in expectation. She wore only panties and a t-shirt, while I had been asked to remain clothed. I noticed her nipples were hard under her shirt. She was excited, probably wet… a phenomenon I only rarely experienced, when the brightest and strongest pain overwhelmed my body. I wondered if I would be hurt hard enough to get wet tonight.

I was on edge, waiting for my instructions. Reuben and Jez approached, and they took Sanaii by the arms and led her to the middle of the room. Stripping her down roughly, they cuffed her wrists to a spreader bar and hung her from a rope on the ceiling, pulling it taunt so she was standing on her tiptoes. She squirmed, naked and excited, anticipating the delicious cruelty about to come her way.

Now that she was bound, I knew it was my turn to submit to whatever they had planned. I turned to Reuben, my Sir, my first true Dominant, and my longtime best friend. He had a look in his eye I knew well. He was about to ask me to do something that would push my limits, but that he knew I could do.

Did he want me to have sex with her?

I would do it happily. Lick her, finger her, fuck her. I preferred sex with women over men, since they didn’t scare me. They were beautiful, and sweet, and soft, and fun to please. They became more beautiful the more aroused they were, and they made the sweetest sounds.

Men were rough, violent, and they grunted like animals. Despite the safety I felt under the protection of my Dom and my Master, most men still terrified me. I tolerated them simply because I was safe in the presence of my two closest friends. Jeff, my Master, and Reuben my Dom… my protectors who guarded me from those who would take advantage of me. In owning me, they gave me safety.

Reuben approached me with slow steps, a riding crop in his hands. I held my chin steady, resisting the urge to lift it in the way my former owner referred to as “haughty.” I kept his eye as I waited for him to lift the crop and strike me, or guide me, or move me towards whatever he wanted of me. Instead, he turned the tool in his hand and presented me with the handle.

Instinctively, I leaned forward and kissed the handle, a deep respect for the tool and for the delicious pain it could bring.

He stroked my hair, and then cupped my chin, lifting me to an upright position. He held the crop closer to me, and my confusion grew. What did he want me to do with it?

“She’s yours tonight, Becca.”

“What?” My voice sounded foreign.

“Tonight, she is your toy.”

“But I don’t… I’m not…”

He lifted an eyebrow as if to ask, aren’t you? “Take it.”

I can refuse.

I had known, from the first day I had done a scene with Reuben Weston, that I had the power to stop a scene. But never in my life had I felt this. As I reached my hand out and took the crop, an overwhelming rush of warmth, confidence, and control burned through my body, settling in the pit of my stomach.

I didn’t just have power to stop him. I had power… over all of it.



I looked up and watched Sanaii’s eyes fill with warmth and eagerness. She had that thing that Dominants seemed to love - unapologetic masochism, honest expressions, and wild, beautiful reactions.

Click. I took a step forward. My heels made a lovely sound against the polished floor of the dungeon. My thighs brushed gently against each other, and the fabric of my skirt swished gently.

Click. Another step, and I took a breath. My body felt hot. Tingly. I was getting closer to her. She squirmed slightly, squeezing her thighs together to relieve the tension between her legs. Her eyes were fixed on me in surprise and excitement.

Click. I felt another hot ripple course through my body, shocking me. I wasn't sure what was happening to me, but my belly flipped, warmth gushed between my legs and flooded my panties, and I wanted to squeeze my own legs together…

Arousal and eroticism had always eluded me. I submitted because it was who I was. It was part of me. It had been for so long, I couldn’t remember what it was like to not submit. I was incapable of living on my own, of making my own decisions. In the past, I had always fought my masters on the principle of the matter, because I remembered what freedom felt like… but I couldn’t stand the idea of actually having it.

But this… this freedom was beautiful. This freedom was safe. Delicious. The way Sanaii’s eyes widened and her lips parted, panting and squirming, anticipating whatever I decided to do, made me want to relish in it. It made me want to do everything.

But I didn’t have the faintest idea what to do.

Could I strike her? Could I hurt her? Did I want to cause her pain?

Was it really pain if the desire for it was making her pussy drip down her legs and squelch every time she squirmed?

My Master sensed my struggle. He sat in a chair a few paces away, comfortable, his single leg propped up on the ottoman, his hands draped over the arm rests, watching whatever was to unfurl. When I looked at him, silently asking for guidance, he smiled, winked, and gave me the smallest nod.

I looked at Reuben. His arms were crossed and he held his chin in his hands, studying me with interest. He wanted to see what I did.

Jez was grinning in the corner. She seemed to have complete and total confidence in me.

They were all waiting for me. They weren’t going to give me a single instruction. They just wanted to watch. They wanted to see what I did.

And Sanaii… she wanted to be touched.

I walked closer to her, my breath coming faster, my eyes scanning her body. Her dark skin seemed to glow in the low light. Plump curves and goosebumps, and raw need.

The crop shook in my hand as I lifted it. Setting it on the back of her neck, I dragged it down, down, so slowly, watching the goosebumps erupt over her skin, hearing a soft sigh escape her lips. The sight and the sound made my breath catch.

I lifted the crop suddenly and struck her hard on the fleshy part of her ass. She let out the prettiest sound I’d ever heard.


My eyes flew to Reuben’s, either for reassurance or for conformation. His face didn’t change, but his eyes were dilated, tension radiating off his body. He was completely engaged in the scene, relishing the tension between me and Sanaii.

I looked at her skin again, a blank canvas of velvet black, waiting to be dressed. The world was in my hands when I held that crop. I stroked her skin where I’d hit her, watching her move against me and revel in the feeling of my touch. A huge grin broke out on my face, and I couldn’t stop it.

I get it now.

This power. This control. This absolute freedom to be felt, to be enjoyed. The feeling of being known.

Receiving was a holy sacrifice. But giving?

Giving was to be God.


About The Goddess

I met a wicked older woman with seductive, amber eyes, lips that could kill a man, and a voice that brings me to my knees.

And she wants to play with me.

I know it’s nothing serious. I’m just a way to pass the time. I’m her entertainment, a fun indulgence. But she’s hot, and kinky, and experienced, and I can’t resist her. She gets off on my torture. She teases and scolds, rewards and punishes.

But as her demands become more intense, and her punishment becomes more severe, I start to love her. And hate her.

Because I don’t know if I can ever please her… but I don’t think I can live without her.

The Goddess is a standalone, reverse age-gap, femdom romance. Characters are polyamorous and have multiple partners outside of their relationship. This story takes place within the AnchorX world, and can be read as a standalone. See book page for detailed content warnings.

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cecile smits
cecile smits
Apr 02, 2023

To see the change from sub to budding Goddess is beautiful😍

Like are so clever.

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