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Cover coming soon!

Purr, Baby

Part of the AnchorX Series​

Publication date TBA.

There are about a gazillion reasons why Paul Rossi would never want me. So it throws me for a loop when he approaches me, eager to play. 

He's everything I've ever wanted, and everything I thought I could never have. I know whatever is between us is just a fun way to pass the time... I know he just sees me as a playmate.


Unfortunately, I'm completely in love with him.  

When real life starts intruding on our playtime, I start to wonder if there's really space for me in his world, or if this all just a game. 

Trigger warnings:

Ex-drama/Other-woman drama, breakup, 

This story contains BDSM elements and may be upsetting to some readers. Content includes pet play, degradation, humiliation, impact play (face and body slapping), biting, breath play, blood play, pet play, and a lot of butt stuff. 

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