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What keeps you grounded? Where do you go to shed your responsibilities, drop the mask, and just... be?

Welcome to AnchorX.


Dungeon rules:

  • Respect others' space

  • No gawking, but observing is encouraged

  • Keep conversation levels low to moderate, and ask a dungeon master for help if you have any questions

  • Use a private room for high intensity scenes that may be triggering for others

  • There is a 2-drink limit if you intend to play

AnchorX honors SSC, RACK, and FRIES. All are welcome, but any bigotry, kinkshaming, gatekeeping, or disrespect of consent will result in banning and blacklisting. Mentorship and education is always preferable. Thank you for being part of our community.


This series strives to promote healthy, consensual, RACK/SCC/FRIES kink and power exchange, but is not a bible or a blueprint for the bdsm lifestyle. For a list of suggested nonfiction, check out Lindsay's BDSM goodreads shelf. 

This series follows different characters in each book. They can be read in any order or as standalones, but are best enjoyed in the suggested order. Click the cover to learn more!

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