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Love in the Time of Covid

I had horny-brain, okay?! Don't judge me. My favorite battery-operated boyfriend just wasn't cutting it, so I placed a grocery delivery order for a certain vegetable that I thought might do the trick. Unfortunately, the guy who delivered it was not only my type, but he called me out on exactly what I was planning to do with said vegetable.

Anyway, we're hooking up now. At least, I think that's what this is...

This is a fun, short novella with four chapters, two of my favorite nerds, and plenty of spice. You will find naughty panties, nerd TV shows, meat-lovers pizza, the facing of body-image issues, self-doubt and sabotage, and maybe even a burger.

Trigger warnings:

This book is mostly soft sex, and has no major trigger warnings. Content includes oral sex, some edging, dirty talk, and use of a cucumber in a very sacrilegious way. 

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