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Greenwood Valley

A mysterious girl who seems to know more than she should. Two brothers who are hiding something. A child with abilities nobody understands. A man who sees the future. A woman whose tears run red as blood. A girl who can see the world as it truly is, and was the center of a war between angels and demons.

Welcome to Greenwood Valley.

We are protected.

Why a serial webnovel?


I have written five books I have not published, and have almost eight more planned. The problem? I can't publish them in any order that makes sense. 

Sophie's story starts long before Noami's does. Scott has to wait a while for his. Matt's doesn't make sense without a lot of background that I wouldn't have time to tell. And Alex's story kicks everything off and is intertwined with everyone.

My solution, rather than to write individual novels that would essentially spoil each other, is to put them chronologically and tell a story one semester (or volume) at a time. 

Greenwood Valley is available on Kindle Vella, and will eventually be available to read via subscription on this website, and in paperback format. Episodes are posted on Mondays. And sometimes Thursdays. And also when I finish an episode and am too excited to wait for Mondays

Trigger warnings:

This saga may fool you because it starts off tame. Please be aware it contains the following:

Violence, murder, sexual assault, explicit sex and kink (edge play), mention of suicide attempts, drug use, alcoholism, infant and pregnancy loss, loss of parent and significant other. (List will be added to).

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Vol. 1

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