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The Goddess

Part of the AnchorX Series​

Publication date May 29, 2023

I met a wicked older woman with seductive, amber eyes, lips that could kill a man, and a voice that brings me to my knees. 


And she wants to play with me


I know it’s nothing serious. I’m just a way to pass the time. I’m her entertainment, a fun indulgence. But she’s hot, and kinky, and experienced, and I can’t resist her. She gets off on my torture. She teases and scolds, rewards and punishes. 


But as her demands become more intense, and her punishment becomes more severe, I start to love her. And hate her. 


Because I don’t know if I can ever please her… but I don’t think I can live without her. 


The Goddess is a standalone, reverse age-gap, femdom romance. Characters are polyamorous and have multiple partners outside of their relationship. This story takes place within the AnchorX world, and can be read as a standalone.

Trigger warnings:

The main characters in this book are polyamorous. Within the context of this book, this means they have multiple sexual partners, and multiple romantic relationships. The protagonists are not exclusive, and never will be. This is a nontraditional romance that does include sex and sexual play between the main characters, but they do not participate in "traditional" penetrative sex.*

Although I strive for accurate representation of BDSM, this is not a bible or a blueprint on how to have a good dynamic. Please read some nonfiction to go with your fiction, and find a good mentorship group before reenacting any of these scenes. Otherwise Reuben and Becca will be very disappointed in you.

Trigger warnings: Recollection of sexual assault and physical violence. Brief mention of female genital mutilation. 

Content warnings: Sadomasochism and impact play, edging, denial, forced orgasm, anal play, pegging. CBT (cock and ball torture), Extended chastity. 

*let me reiterate that if you are waiting for the main characters to have "eggplant + kittycat," you will be disappointed. 


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