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Ashes of Sin and Stardust

How to Tame a Brat

Part of the AnchorX Series

This book was originally published as How to Tame a Brat, but Amazon didn't like the title and cover, and blocked it. After some consideration, it was republished under the title Ashes of Sin and Stardust. The content of the book has not changed. 

"I will destroy you."

I have searched for her for over half my life. Every night, I see her face in my dreams. Every morning, I wake to those words seared into my mind. She'll be my everything, t
he thing I've been searching for, the thing to complete me. The one who will choose to sit at my feet and serve me... the one I will never let go.

But when I find her...

She's a smart-mouthed, annoying, obnoxious little brat. Alice Benson is nothing but snark, chaos, and glitter, all rolled up into a tattooed curvy little body made to drive me to sin.

As hard as I try to avoid her, I can't get her out of my head. I can't stop watching her. I can't stop wanting her.

But when she finally opens up to me... I realize destruction never tasted so sweet.

Trigger warnings:

This book contains depictions of self-harm, intent and thoughts of suicide, mention of child abuse, and nonconsent. It also contains graphic scenes of some BDSM acts that are often referred to as “edge play,” and may be upsetting or triggering to some readers. This content includes knife/blood play, choking and breath play, spit, face slapping, degradation/humiliation, heavy impact, hypnosis and brainwashing, and consensual non-consent. 

Let me clarify, again, that there is significantly more sadomasochism than sex in this book. In fact, the characters have very little "traditional" sex. 

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