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Benny Newman

One of the reasons this book took me so long to write was I had Benny’s character all wrong.

When I first started writing this book, Benny was one of those characters who I had too many things going on at once, and there was no clear definition.

He was a cocky, bratty, rude, disrespectful little shit, and Becca was going to have to “whip” him into shape. (haha, BDSM pun… Shut up, I’m exhausted.)

But honestly, I didn’t like him. And I knew Becca wouldn’t either. Why would Becca be drawn to someone like that? What was Benny’s draw? What made him who he was?

What made him?

Oh, what made him.

When I finally threw away all the crap and the masks and the lies and got down to the truth of who he was, what he wanted, and what made his heart sing, everything clicked into place.

I had a lot of readers tell me that even though he’s a guy, and even though there are a lot of chapters written from his point of view, they related to him on a very deep, personal level. Because at the end of the day, Benny is a submissive through and through. And there is something really, truly special about a man with a submissive heart.

He’s one of my favorite characters, and he’s going to continue to show up in future books. I also plan to continue to write fun little shorts between Becca and Benny, much like I do Alice and Reuben. Those extras will be live on my website. Make sure you join so you can read.

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